Things you like. Made with extra care.

A creative manufacture welcomes you. With a charming scent of a workshop, a pencil and a cup of tea. Here passionate details are created in an honest way, without side effects or hidden weaknesses. Come in. Look around, feel, choose. Share a word with us and come back soon.

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My answer was an enthusiastic “Yes!"

I was strolling through Ljubljana’s beautiful Tromostovje when suddenly Adriana* caught me from behind. “Alenka, would you be interested to organize a road show to showcase the Kaaita’s venues and your sustainable ways of doing business? We would like to make...

Sane People Quit

I find out that I feel the same way towards people as I do towards Brands and Companies. I take them very personally. What triggers a deep respect is the higher purpose of their being. They think of someone else than...

Beauty comes from the inside

That is why we treat our products from the inside out. Every Copa Copa pair of slippers comes with a big spoon of dried lavender flowers. And when it comes to soft pieces of furniture, comforting lavender is joint with good behaving...


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