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A creative manufacture welcomes you. With a charming scent of a workshop, a pencil and a cup of tea. Here passionate details are created in an honest way, without side effects or hidden weaknesses. Come in. Look around, feel, choose. Share a word with us and come back soon.

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We are a global family

It is so nice to see, we are kinda living together. Thanks' for sharing the unforgetable moments. #kaaita From @nest twenty eight From @Such & Such From @Rowan From @EFJ 

Creating new sustainable tourism opportunities in Ljubljana

With all the visionary changes being embraced, Ljubljana became a city that is opening the space for innovative, healthy and interconnected lifestyles and businesses. Will we as citizens recognize all the opportunities lying in front of us? You are cordially...

Truly last pieces

It took us quite some time to find a proper new material for Hendee hand and shoulder bags. But we finally did it. It is not a felt, not even any other kind of textile. We are hardly waiting to...


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