Things you like. Made with extra care.

A creative manufacture welcomes you. With a charming scent of a workshop, a pencil and a cup of tea. Here passionate details are created in an honest way, without side effects or hidden weaknesses. Come in. Look around, feel, choose. Share a word with us and come back soon.

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The color play

The color pallet of new Hendee Handbags is already making a splash in our studio. Launching Mid June.


There is something about imperfections. Whether spotted in nature, on people or products I find them so effortlessly charming. Just can't help myself from associating them with strong character, charm and confidence.  

So irresistibly resistant. Our new Hendee bags.

It has been a while since I put the Hendee bags off the shelves and started searching for more appropriate material. I wanted it to be so durable that you could put the bags in to the testament. Or even...


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