How we accidentally made something great

Sometimes a variety of coincidences can turn out to create something wonderful.

Something ... one of a kind.



And that is exactly how we got our limited edition slippers!



After 8 years of development and convincing Tomaž to print on the grey black felt you see in the picture...



... he finally made it!




And then ...                           

  ... Igor cut the fabric so that one slipper turned out to be black on the outside, and the other one grey.

But! Being inspired by Erik Kessels' "How to turn mistakes into ideas and other advice for successfully screwing up".             

we turned that into something new.


And so our one of a kind slippers came to be.


They are limited edition, but don't worry,

they will be delivered after Christmas. (Who needs yet another package to nervously wait to arrive?)


Photos: Romina Ivančič

One of a kind ...
just like you!

Thinking of you,


slippers the making of Well-being

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