Recycle & Save

We made your Copa Copa slippers in a respectful manner. They are created using felt produced from recycled plastic bottles to contribute to the environment. The light version is made from one piece of felt, with only one line of stitches, for the purpose of using the least material and sewing procedures possible. On the other hand, the lux version is hand-sewn to celebrate craftsmanship and the slow economy.

Since we know how hard it is to say goodbye to the best slippers you have ever had, we are offering them another chance. Send them back to us and we will put them in a special recycling process together with the waste felt left over while cutting. They will be transformed into alternative fuel for the cement industry, which is kind to the environment because it lowers CO2 emissions.

Sounds good? Great!

Just place your retired slippers in an envelope and send them to: Kaaita, Beethovnova 9, 1000 Ljubljana. We will take good care of them.

To thank you for being such a nice person, we will email you a code to get a chance to buy a new pair 20% cheaper. So please don’t forget to include your email address in the envelope!

If you think this isn’t for you, please put them in the recycling bin for plastic. 

Thank you!